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Purchase your dream residential or investment property today. VDA Financial’s expert team of brokers will make sure you get the best mortgage rate possible.

We are partnered with over 30 lenders across the coast and the outback to provide you with a variety of home loan options to suit the purchase of your dream home or your next investment property.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Home Loan

    What is a Residential Home Loan?

    A residential home loan, or commonly known as a residential mortgage loan, is credit borrowed from a financial institution and secured by a mortgage to purchase a home, land or building. The property is used for personal use rather than commercial or business and can be defined as an owner occupied property or investment property.

    What is the process involved in purchasing a property and obtaining credit for a home loan?

    There are many steps involved from purchasing a property, applying for a home loan and managing a home loan post settlement. Not to mention, a home loan application can be applied whether you have signed a contract to purchase a property or interested in buying but have not quite found the one yet.

    To break it down simply, once you’ve determined your budget and where you want to buy, speak to one of our brokers who will help you kick start the home loan process by finding out how much you can afford, help you organise the paperwork, find the best deal on the market for you and tailor a home loan that suits your lifestyle and needs. Before you know it, you’ll be a proud owner of your new home. Check out this article for more information or speak to one of our industry experts.

    Am I eligible for any government funded grants?

    To help you get into the property market, the government has provided many grants and schemes to help first home buyers. You may have already heard of a few grants such as the First Home Owner’s Grant or the First Home Buyer Duty Exemption and many more. To find out about your eligibility, speak to one of our team members.

    I’m not a first home buyer, am I eligible for any government-funded grants?

    Fear not, the government funded grants are not limited to first home buyers or those new entering the property market. There are grants available for people looking to build or renovate their home or investment property, however eligibility criteria can be revised or changed. To find out about your eligibility, speak to one of our team members.

    Doesn’t an investment property purchase fall under commercial loans?

    No, the difference in a residential investment property and a commercial property lies in the purpose of the property or building. A residential investment property is used for people to live in and is considered a home to someone while the property owner earns rental income. A commercial property on the other hand earns rental income by leasing the property for business use. If you’re looking to apply for a commercial loan or interested in more information, speak to our team specialised in commercial loans.

    I already have a home loan, but my situation has changed.

    Don’t worry! We can also help you Refinance your loans to better reflect your current situation. We will evaluate your current deals, your situation, and the market, and present you with the best option for yourself. Get in touch today!

    How much will I be able to borrow?

    Your loan amount will depend on a variety of factors, including your income, current holdings, credit score, and more.

    Quickly find out the estimated amount you could borrow based on your current earnings and expenses.

    Can I get a more detailed assessment?

    Get a no-obligation, personalized assessment from one of our expert mortgage brokers at ZERO COST.

    Home Loan Calculators

    You can also use our industry standard calculators to understand your situations better.

    Borrowing Power Calculator

    Quickly find out the estimated amount you could borrow based on your current earnings and expenses.

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    Home Loan Offset Calculator

    An offset account, as the name suggests, offsets the amount of loan you have taken from the lender.

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    Loan Repayments Calculator

    Find out the estimated amount of repayments (EMI) you will need to pay on a monthly, fortnightly or quarterly basis for paying your potential home loan.

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