Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans

Looking to expand
your business?

Need credit to set up
a venture?

Need to boost
your cashflow?

Get top advice and best rates from our experts for all your commercial loan needs. We will help you with:

Commercial Property Purchase Loan

Kickstart or expand your business with the purchase of a Commercial Property. Depending on your situation, our mortgage brokers can help you borrow up to 70% or more of the total property value, and help you secure the best rates available.

Commercial Property Refinance

Looking for better terms and rates for your existing Commercial Property Loan? Or looking to borrow against your equity in your business property? No matter your purpose, our Mortgage Brokers can help you find the best deal available to you from our wide range of lenders.

Commercial Development Funding

Need financing for large-scale commercial, retail, industrial or other projects? Our Financial Experts can help you structure Commercial Loans as per your needs, minimizing the chance of delays, and ensuring that your projects start on time.

Cashflow Finance

Get loans based on your cash flow for developing and expanding your business on flexible plans and interest rates.

Commercial Rate Loans

Get industry-specific loans with interest rates as low as 3%. Diverse range of commercial rate loans available.

Term Loans

Get lump-sum loans with robust and dynamic payment plans, perfect for business owners looking to scale their business up.

Get top advice and best rates from our experts for all your commercial loan needs. We will help you with:

Line of Credit

Setup a line of credit for your venture or start-up so that you can focus on growing, and not worry too much about financing.

Business Overdraft

Smooth out your cash flow fluctuations with the buffer that a business overdraft plan provides you.

VDA makes sure your commercial loan needs are well-managed.

Our robust and diverse team are experts on commercial loaning. We will make sure that you get the best rates and the most flexible plans that align perfectly with your strategic goals. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Get commercial loans in 3 easy steps:

Tell us about your situation and let us make recommendations
Choose one of the recommendations
Grow your business and reach new heights
Whether you’re a multi-million dollar business or a small start-up, our commercial loans will address all your needs and make sure your business continues running and stays profitable.